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Contribution Session

Name Affiliation Title
Contribution Session CS001Recent advances in reinforcement learning
ChairXiaodong Yan (Shandong University)
Fanyu Meng Shandong University Unobserved Structural Changes in the Factor-Augmented Panel Quantile Model
Jianqi Feng Shandong University Reinforcement Learning for Survival Analysis
zhang yu Shandong University A Fast Optimal Hyperparameter Selection Based on Bandits for Streaming Data
Wei Wang Shandong University 非平稳强化学习环境下的策略评估
Zhimiao Cao Shandong University Reinforcement learning in interval-censored data
Contribution Session CS002Recent advances in  deep learning
ChairFeifei Wang (Renmin University of China)
Hanchao Yan Renmin University of China Auxiliary Learning and its Statistical Understanding
Chunlan Zhao Southwest Petroleum University A multi-feature fusion deep learning prediction method for production of tight gas reservoirs.
Wenxuan Ma Renmin University of China Unlocking the Power of AI: Deep Learning of Volatility is Indispensable
Shaodan Hou Southwest Petroleum University Production prediction of tight gas reservoirs based on deep learning BWO-TFT model.
Contribution Session CS003Recent advances in mixture Model
ChairXiaojun Song (Peking University)
Baichen Yu Peking University A Gaussian Mixture Model for Multiple Instance Learning with Partially Subsampled Instances
Tianyu Xie Peking University ARTree:  A Deep Autoregressive Model for Phylogenetic Inference
Siyao Cheng Northeast Normal University Estimating IRT Models under Gaussian Mixture Modelling of Latent Traits: An Application of MSAEM Algorithm
Xuetong Li Peking University Gaussian Mixture Model with Rare Events
Shi Zhang University of Manitoba Mixed Models for Longitudinal Binary Outcomes with Crossed Random Effects
Contribution Session CS004Statistical hypothesis testing in complex data
ChairYanlin Tang (East China Normal University)
Xiaotong Lin National University of Singapore (NUS) Hypothesis Testing in Gaussian Graphical Models: Goodness-of-Fit and Conditional Randomization Tests
Yashuang Li Yunnan University Robust Estimation and Testing for GARCH Models via Exponentially Tilted Empirical Likelihood
Xian Shi East China Normal University A Bayesian phase I/II platform design for multiple indications with mixed types of endpoints of toxicity and efficacy
Jie Yan Central University of Finance and Economics Elevating Federated Clustering: Deep Generative Models and Contrastive Learning Strategies
Yutao Jiang Anhui University of Finance and Economics The Lose-Lose or All-Lose Consequences: Assessing the International Economic Impact of Sino–U.S. Technological Decoupling
Contribution Session CS005Recent advances in bayesian anlysis
ChairZhuosong Zhang ( Southern University of Science and Technology)
Wenting Liu Yunnan University Variational Bayesian approach for analyzing interval-censored data under the proportional hazards model
Zhexin Lu Changchun University of Technology Bayesian analysis of partial functional linear additive regression model for censored data based on heavy-tailed distributions
Yian Yu Southern University of Science and Technology Bayesian regression analysis for elliptical dependent variables
Yimang Zhang Southern University of Science and Technology Bayesian analysis of nonlinear structured latent factor models using a Gaussian Process Prior
Contribution Session CS006Bayesian and casual inference 
ChairYingying Zhang (Yunnan University) 
Yingying Zhang Yunnan University The Empirical Bayes Estimators of the Variance Parameter of the Normal Distribution with a Conjugate Inverse Gamma Prior under Stein's Loss Function
Feng Xie Beijing Technology and Business University Local Causal Structure Learning and Causal Effect Estimating in the Presence of Latent Variables
Shaojie Wei Beijing Technology and Business University Multiply robust causal inference in the presence of an error-prone treatment
Ruoxu Tan Tongji University Causal Effect of Functional Treatment
Jun Wang Yunnan University Statistical learning estimation of treatment effect under covariate-adaptive randomization
Contribution Session CS007Precision medicine and survival data
Chair: Shishun Zhao (Jilin University)
Kaidi Kong Beijing University of Technology Flexible regression methods for estimating optimal individualized treatment regimes with scalar and functional covariates
Rujia Zheng Northeast Normal University A Doubly Robust Estimation in Learning Optimal Individualized Treatment Regimes with Survival Outcomes
Jiming Chen Yunnan University Generalized linear mixed-effects joint model for longitudinal and bivariate survival data
Yichen Lou Jilin University A New and Unified Method for Regression Analysis of Interval-censored Failure Time Data under Semiparametric Transformation Models with Missing Covariates
Mingyue Qiu Capital Normal University Bayesian Transformation Model for Spatial Partly Interval-censored Data
Contribution Session CS008Factor models and bayesian anlysis
Chair: Feng Xie (Beijing Technology and Business University )
Shanshan Luo Beijing Technology and Business University Assessing the causes of continuous effects by posterior effects of causes
Xu Liu Shandong University of Finance and Economics Forecasting Midprice Movement of HFT Data With Bayesian Stochastic Attention-Based Neural Bag of Implicit Feature Models
Siwei Wang Hunan University Forecasting Using Nonlinear Factor Models with Nonparametrically Targeted Predictors
Tong Su Yunnan University Sparse Multicategory Generalized Distance Weighted Discrimination in Ultra-High Dimensions
Wan Tian Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Feature calibration for computer models
Contribution Session CS009Complex data analysis
Chair: Xia Chen (Shaanxi Normal University)
Guanglin Huang Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Estimation of non-Gaussian factors using higher-order multi-cumulants in weak factor models
Mingjing Chen Chongqing Technology And Business University One-way and Two-way Matrix Factor Models
Yi Sun Xinjiang University Structural Dimension Reduction in Bayesian Networks
Pei Wang Henan University 融合先验信息的两阶段基因选择及其在组学数据挖掘中的应用
Xia Chen Shaanxi Normal University Power-enhanced projection test for high-dimensional mean vectors
Contribution Session CS0010Recent advances in statistical learning methods
Chair: Shiyang Ma (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Xiao Liu Shanghai Jiao Tong University Efficient and Provable Online Reduced Rank Regression via Online Gradient Descent
Kejie Tang Shanghai Jiao Tong University Acceleration of Stochastic Gradient Descent with Momentum by Averaging: Finite-Sample Rates and Asymptotic Normality
Xuefei Cao Nankai University An adaptive ABC-MCMC with Global-Local proposals
Shan Dai The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) Large Deviation Algorithms for the Thresholding Bandit Problem
Yuhao Deng University of Michigan Computationally efficient methods for estimating co-heritability of multivariate phenotypes using biobank data
Contribution Session CS011Causal inference and applications
Chair: Weijuan Wang ( Renmin University of China)
Jiawei Shan Renmin University of China Efficient Nonparametric Inference of Causal Mediation Effects with Nonignorable Missing Confounders
Xiaorui Wang Southern University of Science and Technology Multiply Robust Estimation for General Multivalued Treatment Effects with Missing Outcomes
Xuqiao Li Sun Yat-sen University Matching-Based Policy Learning with Observational Data
Chao Zhang Beijing Technology and Business University Prospective and retrospective causal inferences based on the potential outcomes framework.
Ping Zhang Peking university Causal attribution with confidence
Contribution Session CS012Recent advances in statistical Inference 
Chair: Xiaowei Yue (Tsinghua University)
Yuxin Tao Tsinghua University Statistical Inference for Power Autoregressive Conditional Duration Models with Stable Innovations
Tonghui Yu Nanyang Technological University Exploring causal effects of hormone- and radio-treatments in an observational study of breast cancer under semi-competing risks setting
Hanyue Chen Peking University A Statistical Review on the Optimal Fingerprinting Approach in Climate Change Studies
Sheng Fu Nankai University A novel approach for identifying genetic associations with heterogeneous cancer subtypes risk
Han Yan Peking University Statistical Inference for Four-Regime Segmented Regression Models
Contribution Session CS013Statistical Inference for functional/time series data
Chair: Lin Hou (Tsinghua University)
Zerui Guo Sun Yat-sen University Unified Principal Components Analysis of Irregularly Observed Functional Time Series
Zihan Wang Tsinghua University Factor modelling for matrix-variate functional time series in high dimensions
Chenlin Zhang Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Functional data analysis with covariate-dependent mean and covariance structures
Jiasheng Li The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK Differential inference for scATAC-seq data
Chenxiao Dai Tsinghua University 重访泊松自回归模型:结构与统计推断
Contribution Session CS014Ultrahigh dimensional statistical inference
Chair: Xianpeng Zong (Beijing University of Technology)
Jiaxin Shi Peking University Mixture Conditional Regression with Ultrahigh Dimensional Text Data for Estimating Extralegal Factor Effects
Zhentao Tian Beijing University of Technology Variation of conditional mean and its application in ultrahigh dimensional feature screening
Juan Li Yunnan University Feature Screening for Ultra High Dimensional Data via Adapted Sliced Wasserstein Correlation Coefficient
Ke Yu Shanghai Jiaotong University A sequential feature selection procedure for high dimensional Cox proportional hazards model with main and interaction effects
Hao-Xuan Sun Peking University High-dimensional Ensemble Kalman Filter with Localization, Inflation and Iterative Updates
Contribution Session CS015High dimensional statistical inference
Chair: Jingru Zhang ( Fudan University)
Jingkun Qiu Peking University Beyond detection boundary: Minimax deficiency for two-sample mean tests in high dimensions
Yidan Cui Shanghai Jiao Tong University Mediation analysis in longitudinal study with high-dimensional methylation mediators
Ruiqi Bai Fudan University Estimation and Inference for High-Dimensional Quantile Regression with Knowledge Transfer under Distribution Shift
Zhangshuang Sun Shanghai University of Engineering Science Enhancing High-Dimensional Dynamic Covariance Estimation Model Based on GARCH Family and Comparative Performance Analysis
Wenxuan Guo University of Chicago Invariance-based Inference in High-Dimensional Regression with Finite-Sample Guarantees
Contribution Session CS016Statistical Inference in complex data analysis
Chair: Yuan Gao (Peking University) 
Yuan Gao Peking University Penalized Sparse Covariance Regression with High Dimensional Covariates
Hongqi Chen Hunan University Quantile Forward Regression in High-dimensional Distributional Counterfactual Analysis
Wenjun Wang Yunnan University A Tuning-free robust approach for high-dimensional regression with missing covariates
Xiaolong Wang  Shaanxi Normal University 基于深度特征融合的随机机翼模型参数辨识
Yingqiu Zhu University of International Business and Economics 基于高斯混合模型的分布因子聚类方法
Contribution Session CS017Statistical modeling for complex networks
Chair: Yaguang Li (University of Science and Technology of China)
Hairong Xiao Hunan Normal University Atypical dynamic network reconfiguration and genetic mechanisms in patients with major depressive disorder
Tianchen Gao Xiamen University Citation Counts Prediction of Statistical Publications based on Multi-layer Academic Networks via Neural Network Model
Yuxin Zhang University of Science and Technology of China A community detection algorithm based on spectral co-clustering and weight self-adjustment in attributed stochastic co-block models
Qingmin Zhang Yunnan University Two-step estimation procedure for copula-based parametric regression models for semi-competing risks data
Binghao Wang Peking University Constructing a Three-dimensional Eddy-resolving Hydrographic Dataset in West Pacific Ocean Using Ensemble Kalman Filter
Contribution Session CS018Statistical analysis on medical  and microbiome data 
Chair: Anming Tang (Yunnan University)
Anming Tang Yunnan University Bayesian semiparametric joint model of multivariate longitudinal and survival data with dependent censoring
Ximing Xu Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University 儿科大语言模型的构建与评估
Jiashun Xiao Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data Improving cell-type-specific cis-eQTLs prioritization by integrating bulk RNA-seq and scRNA-seq data
Bo Han Yunnan University Real-time inference for streaming survival data from multiple heterogeneous studies with a cure fraction
Huaying Fang Capital Normal University gmcoda: Graphical model for multiple compositional vectors in microbiome studies
Contribution Session CS019Statistical applications in economics and medicine
Chair: Mingjing Chen (Chongqing Technology And Business University)
Anqi Zhao Chongqing Technology And Business University 一带一路网络分析及空间溢出效应
Jinhai Li Chongqing Technology And Business University 共同富裕的网络分析与空间关联
Zhiyang Yu North Minzu University 基于省域维度中国式现代化水平的统计测度及空间差异
Changchun Shang Yunnan University Of Finance And Economics 双线性因子分析
Yuting Liao Sun Yat-sen University 利用 NP-UNet 模型自动量化缺血性视网膜疾病患者视网膜 UWF-SS-OCTA 的无灌注区
Contribution Session CS020Optimal subsampling
Chair: Xiaozhou Wang (East China Normal University)
Xiaoyan Li Chongqing University Distributed Subsampling for Multiplicative Regression
Mengdong Shang Shaanxi Normal University Jackknife empirical likelihood with complex surveys
Zhengyu Xiong Kunming University Of Science And Technology 异方差大数据下联合均值与方差模型的alpha- 最优子抽样
Sizhe Wang East China Normal University Optimal Linear Combination of Biomarkers by Weighted Youden Index Maximization
Jianyang Tong Yunnan University Multidimensional Distribution-to-Distribution Regression via Optimal Transport Maps
Contribution Session CS021Matrix theory and sufficient dimension reduction 
Chair: Yumou Qu (Peking Unibersity)
Xun Zhao Southwestern University Of Finance And Economics 基于张量分解的多角度亚组集成学习
Ziyuan Chen Peking University 动态矩阵恢复
Zheng Li Northeast Normal University An Improved Principal Hessian Directions Method for Dimension Reduction
Peiyu He Peking University A novel method for synthetic controls with interference
Kang Shuai Peking University Identifying causal effects using instrumental variables from the auxiliary dataset
Contribution Session CS022Asymptotic theory in probability and statistics
Chair: Pengkun Yang (Tsinghua University)
Hufei Li North Minzu University Stochastic dynamical analysis for renewable power system excited by multiplicative fractional Gaussian noise based on graph neural network
Chengjun Ding Yunnan University Limit Theorems for Continuous State Nonhomogeneous Markov Chain
Guoyu Zhang Peking University 格林匹配:复杂动力系统的一种高效参数估计方法
Pengfei Tian Tsinghua University Stratified Permutational Berry--Esseen Bounds
Weihao Li National University of Singapore Asymptotics of Maximum A Posteriori Estimation with Catalytic Priors
Contribution Session CS023Recent advances in graphical models and image
Chair: Xiaochao Xia (Chongqing University)
Shan Gao Yunnan University Empowering Mental Health Insights: The Synergy of Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models
Zuoxun Tan Chongqing University Total Variation Regularized Multi-Matrices Weighted Schatten p-norm Minimization for Image Denoising
Xingshu Chen Sun Yat-sen University 将基于金字塔型视觉变换器的不确定性信息共学习框架用于眼底图像的分类,分割以及目标检测任务
Jun Dai University of Science and Technology of China Aggregate Spectral Clustering for multi-layer Popularity Adjusted Block Model
Dong Huang Tsinghua University Information-Theoretic Thresholds for the Alignments of Partially Correlated Graphs
Contribution Session CS024Statistical modeling for complex data
Chair: Fan Zhou (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
Chuang  Wan Xiamen University Fast and stable estimation for structural break models with endogenous regressors
Youjie Zeng University Of Science And Technology Of China Simultaneous Outlier Detection and Prediction for Kriging with True Identification
Kecheng Wei Fudan University Time-varying mediation analysis for incomplete data with application to DNA methylation study for PTSD
Minhao Qi Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Time-Varying Home Advantage in the English Premier League: A Causal Discovery Method for Non-Stationary Causal Processes
Qianhan Zeng Peking University A Semiparametric Gaussian Mixture Model for Chest CT-based 3D Blood Vessel Reconstruction
Contribution Session CS025Complex data modeling
Chair: Xuejun Jiang (Southern University of Science and Technology)
Yang Sun Peking University Calibration for computer models with time-varying parameter
Shuaida He Southern University of Science and Technology Large-scale metric objects filtering for binary classification
Xiaoming Sha Yunnan University Penalized exponentially tilted likelihood for growing dimensional models with MAR missing data
Yicong Mao Peking University Tree-guided compositional variable selection analysis of microbiome data
Zhaohui Man Ningxia University 具有非零自协方差随机扰动的空间误差自相关模型中的空间权重矩阵的估计
Contribution Session CS026Change-points detection
Chair: Decai Liang (Nankai University)
Decai Liang Nankai University Change-Points Detection and Support Recovery for Spatiotemporal Functional Data
Zhihuang Yang Yunnan University Moment selection and generalized empirical likelihood estimation in high-dimensional unconditional moment conditions
Shanshan Qin Tianjin University of Finance and Economics On robust estimation of hidden semi-Markov regime-switching models
Likun Zhang Renmin University of China Interaction tests with covariate-adaptive randomization
Contribution Session CS027Nonparametric statistical inference
Chair: Kai Kang (Sun Yat-sen University)
Sisheng Liu Hunan Normal University Nonparametric estimation of regression function and error covariance function with unknown correlation structure
Fengsheng Wu  Yunnan University Complex Representation Matrix of Third-Order Quaternion Tensors with Application to Video Inpainting
Jialing Liu Sun Yat-sen University Nonparametric Second-order Estimation for Spatiotemporal Point Patterns
Jiyuan Tu Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Generalized Rank Regression with Multiplier Bootstrap
Gen Ye Yunnan University Bayesian Generalized Method of Moments Inference for Clustered Samples With Missing Values
Contribution Session CS028Recent advances in large-scale data
Chair: Shaoping Jiang (Yunnan Minzu University)
Miaomiao Su Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Moment-assisted Subsampling Method for Maximum Likelihood Estimator with Large-scale Data
Shuyuan Wu Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Subsampling and Jackknifing: A Practically Convenient Solution for Large Data Analysis with Limited Computational Resources
Rong Zhang Yunnan University A case study on the share holder network effect of stock market data: An SARMA approach
Shaoping Jiang Yunnan Minzu University 分数阶随机耐药结核病动力学模型研究
Yan Zeng Beijing Technology and Business University Causality Inspired Policy Learning
Contribution Session CS029Interdisciplinary and applied research:statistical analysis on medical aand economic data
Chair: Zhifang Chen (Inner Mongolia Finance And Economics College)
Haojin Zhou Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University 对偶Cox模型理论及其在肿瘤学研究的应用
Haiyun Zhang Yunnan University 基于概率论统计方法对活动星系核光变的研究
Zeqiang Linli Guangdong University Of Foreign Studies 成人生命周期中白质功能网络的静态和动态连通模式
Jia Liu Inner Mongolia Finance And Economics College 乡村振兴背景下数字经济驱动农村居民服务消费的直接影响和空间效应
Dongyu Wang Hebei Finance University 网络基础设施提高了农村居民消费水平了吗——基于电商视角
Contribution Session CS030Statistical modeling and its applications
Chair: Xun Lu (Chinese University of Hong Kong )
Xiaobo Wang Yunnan University Expectile Regression With Covariate Measurement Errors
Jun Zhao Ningbo University MLEce: Statistical inference for asymptotically efficient closed-form estimators in R
Zhentao Shi Chinese University of Hong Kong Economic Forecasts Using Many Noises
Bing Guo Sichuan University Standard Representation of Order of Addition Design and Rapid Isomorphism Comparison
Fangda Song The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Survival Mixed Membership Blockmodel
Contribution Session CS031Advance in statistical methods for large and complex data
Chair: Changcheng Li (Dalian University Of Technology)
Changcheng Li Dalian University Of Technology 一种新的免模型高维变量选择方法
Wei Liu Sichuan University Probabilistic embedding, clustering, and alignment for integrating spatial transcriptomics data with PRECAST
Yan Fu Chinese Academy of Sciences Local false discovery rate estimation with competition-based procedures for variable selection
Qiang Chen Sahndong University Placebo Tests for Difference-in-differences
Fukang Zhu Jilin University Tobit Models for Count Time Series
Contribution Session CS032Statistical machine learning: methodology and applications
Chair: Xu Guo (Beijing Normal University)
Yuqian Zhang Renmin University of China Adaptive Split Balancing for Optimal Random Forest
Sanfeng Hu Yunnan University Split-and-Merge Based Simultaneous Input and State Filter for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Li Ma Xiamen University Alteration detection of tensor dependence structure via sparsity-exploited reranking algorithm
Haobo Qi Beijing Normal University Mini-batch Gradient Descent with Buffer
Binyu Yunnan University Testing non-inferiority of a new treatment in three-arm clinical trials with binary endpoints
Contribution Session CS033Statistical modeling and application of complex data
Chair: Yuehan Yang (Central University of Finance and Economics)
Xiaoning Wang Communication University Of China 基于大规模插补的概率与非概率样本的整合问题
Cong Li Jilin University 几类二元整数值时间序列模型的监控及其应用
Yunqi Zhang Yunnan University Equivalence assessment via the difference between two AUCs in a matched-pair design with nonignorable missing endpoints
Youquan Pei Shandong University Modeling Cluster Dynamics in Panel Data via Time-Varying Mixture Models
Yuehan Yang Central University of Finance and Economics Dimension reduction of high-dimension categorical data with two or multiple responses considering interactions between responses
Contribution Session CS034Statistical applications in interdisciplinary research
Chair: Yao Rong (Yao Rong)
Zhenguo Gao Communication University Of China Ensemble LDA via the modified Cholesky decomposition
Yao Rong Yunnan University 基于条件式马尔可夫过程的4D航迹建模与预测
Yicheng Zeng Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data Signal plus noise models in the log proportional regime: When does debiasing help?
Mengjiao Tang Yunnan University 复椭球分布下散度矩阵估计的黎曼Lp质心
Yanming Di Oregon State University Innovating Grass Seed Sampling and Analysis with AI and Robotics
Contribution Session CS035Model averaging/Cross disciplinary research in statistics
Chair: Jing Lv (Southwest University)
Hua Li Chang Chun University. Spectrally-Corrected and Regularized LDA for Spiked Model
Ying Yang Yunnan University Synchronization of delayed neural networks via intermittent sampled-data control
Zhenghui Feng Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) Robust Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis with Mixture of Exponential Power Distributions
Qing Li Iowa State University Evaluating distortion between as-designed and as-built geometries from a superposition of resonant mode shapes
Jing Lv Southwest University Optimal Conditional Quantile Prediction via Model Averaging of Partially Linear Additive Models
Contribution Session CS036::Feature screening and high dimensional data
Chair: Zhonglei Wang (Xiamen University)
Bing Tian Xiamen University Feature Screening for Metric Space Valued Responses Based on Fr\'echet Regression
Jiajun Sun Xiamen University Stability eBH: a unified stability approach to false discovery rate control
Shaohua Xu Nakai University Robust online control experiments for multivariate tests
Ziyu Xiong Peking university Emotions Heard: Unveiling the Influence of Broadcasters’ Emotional Dynamics and Gender on  Live Streaming Conversion
Ziqian Lin Peking University Profiled Transfer Learning for High Dimensional Linear Model
Contribution Session CS037Recent advances in quantile regression
Chair: Falong Tan (Hunan University)
Chaohui Guo Chong Qing Normal University Model Averaging based Semiparametric Modelling for Conditional Quantile Prediction
Xiaohui Liu Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics Bootstrapping the Double-Weighted Predictability Test for Predictive Quantile Regression
Zhiming Li Xinjiang University Recent developments of a general minimum lower-order confounding criterion
Falong Tan Hunan University Enhancing the Power of OOD Detection via Sample-Aware Model Selection
Rong Jiang Shanghai Polytechnic University Unconditional quantile regression for streaming data sets
Contribution Session CS038Advance in statistical methods for complex data
Chair: Qian Lin (Tsinghua University)
Chao Wang Shanghai University of Finance and Economics On the Target-kernel Alignment: a Unified Analysis with Kernel Complexity
Peiwen Jia Peking University Smooth Tests for the Equality of Conditional Distributions
Qingyi Pan Tsinghua University Reliable Multivariate Deep Regression using Moment-Matching Prior Networks
Zichu Fu Tsinghua University Inference of heterogeneous effects in single-cell genetic perturbation screens
Yuting Zhou Shanghai University Of Engineering Science Estimation of Production Frontiers Based on Additive Models to Enhanced Robustness against Outliers: A Relaxed Support Vector Regression Approach
Contribution Session CS039Advance in missing data and treatment effects
Chair: Guanghui Wang (East China Normal University)
Tao Tan East China Normal University Semiparametric estimation with  reduced dimension for the treatment effect under missing data
Jin Su East China Normal University Semi-supervised inference for means under MAR without inverse propensity weighting
zhisong zhao East China Normal University Improving the efficiency of estimating treatment effects with external control data
Xiaoqi Jiao East China Normal University Smoothed estimation on optimal treatment regime under semi-supervised setting in randomized trials
Wenjie Hu Peking University Semiparametric efficient fusion of individual and summary data
SContribution Session CS040:Bayesian and machine learning
Chair: Qixian Zhong (Xiamen University) 
Yuting Huang Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics Construction and Application of Quantile Factor Augmented Quantile Regression Neural Network Model
Zhihua Ma Shenzhen University
Bayesian Modeling and Inference for Item Response Model with Nonignorable Missing Data
Qixian Zhong Xiamen University Hypothesis Testing for the Deep Cox Model
Dingjiao Cai  Henan University of Economics and Law Testing causal effects in observational survival data using propensity score matching design
Lidan He  Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology Combining dimensionality reduction methods with neural networks for realized volatility forecasting.
Contribution Session CS041Biostatistics and Industrial Statistics
Chair: Zhenguo Gao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Zichu Fu Tsinghua University Inference of heterogeneous effects in single-cell genetic perturbation screens
Nengjie Zhu Shanghai Jiao Tong University 系统性金融风险测度与传染效应多维研究
Cheng Shi Chengdu University of Technology 基于 WOA-ART 和改进的 DenseNet 的滚动轴承故障诊断
Zhixin He Xinjiang University Of Finance 经济政策不确定性、系统性金融风险与经济高质量发展
Ruoyu Yao Shanghai University of Engineering Science 基于实体识别的专利价值评估研究
Contribution Session CS042Bayesian and nonparametric statistical inferences 
Chair: Mingan Yang (University of New Mexico)
Richard Grumitt Tsinghua University Flow Annealed Kalman Inversion with Sequential Monte Carlo for gradient-free Bayesian inference
Yu Zhao  Tokyo university of science A Tree-Based Method for Bootstrapping in Data Envelopment Analysis
Tom Binnie Tsinghua University Statatistical summaries for Bayesian analysis in EoR Science
Mingan Yang University of New Mexico Bayesian Test Equality of Binary Data for a 4  × 4 Crossover Trial Under a Latin-Square  Design
Jeffrey Kwan University of New South Wales Asymptotic inference theory of the Hawkes process with time-varying baseline intensity and a general excitation kernel
Contribution Session CS043:Recent advances in differentially private and complex data model
Chair: Zhibin Lv (Sichuan University)
Yaxuan Wang Sichuan University Differentially Private Top-k Selection and its Application
Yuheng Ma Renmin University of China Optimal Locally Private Nonparametric Classification with Public Data
Dan Zhuang Fujian Normal University A data-driven weighted combination approach for wind speed distribution estimation based on curve clustering
Xiaoyu Hu National University of Singapore Two-Sample Distribution Tests in High Dimensions via Max-Sliced Wasserstein Distance and Bootstrapping
Yilin Li Peking university Causal inference in randomized experiments for dyadic data
Contribution Session CS044:Complex data model
Chair: Jingru Zhang (Fudan University)
Xuejun Ma Soochow University Distributed Linear Regression with Compositional Covariates
Lixin Tao Capital Medical University 肾功能指标异常与颈动脉斑块发生的因果关联研究
Jian He Fudan University Integration of longitudinal physical activity data from multiple sources
Wei Zhao Shandong University Transfer Learning Accounting for Time-varying Heterogeneity in Mixture Cox Model
Yankun Gong Pfizer How to analyze adverse events data from different trials to support a new drug application
Contribution Session CS045:Interdisciplinary and applied research:statistical analysis on medical data and models
Chair: Shanjun Mao (Hunan University)
Jianxi Zhao Beijing Information Science And Technology University Research on convex clustering for multi-source data
Zhiying Fang Shenzhen Polytechnic University Generalization analysis of deep CNNs under maximum correntropy criterion
Xiaohuang Zhuo Tianjin Huanhu Hospital 甲基强的松龙治疗放射性脑损伤疗效的影像组学预测模型构建与验证
Jiandong Zhang Northwest Normal University A copula‐based approach on optimal allocation of hot standbys in series systems
Shanjun Mao Hunan University A monte carlo classification method based on partial variables and its application in clinical data
Contribution Session CS046:大模型和人工智能的最近研究
廖结义 云南数派数据科技有限公司 数派大模型平台(一款基于基于AI算力管理的大模型平台,帮您30分钟创建私有大模型)
高跃东 中国科学院昆明动物研究所 人工智能技术在生命科学的应用实践及思考
燕晨 中国移动集团研究院 基于九天大模型的行业赋能
杨志鹏 华为 昇腾AI加速人工智能走深向实
Contribution Session CS047:Statistical Inference in complex Data
Chair: Xingjie Shi (East China Normal University)
Tengdi Zheng Beijing University of Technology Accommodating Space Heterogeneity in Geographically Weighted Regression with Group Penalty
Li Wang Tsinghua University A conditional distribution function-based measure for independence and K-sample test in multivariate data
Wenjing Liu  University of Macau Copula-based Nonparametric Estimation of Hellinger Correlation and Distance
Jiangyan Zhao East China Normal University Bayesian Optimization via Exact Penalty
Baoqun Chang Kunming University of Science and Technology 基于半参数混合效应模型的最优模型平均预测
Contribution Session CS048:Factor model and community network
Chair: Xuemei Hu (Chongqing Technology and Business University)
Xuemei Hu Chongqing Technology and Business University A weighted iterative projection estimation procedure for robust tensor factor model with Tucker decomposition
Zai Yang Xi’an Jiaotong University Nonasymptotic Performance Analysis of ESPRIT and Spatial-Smoothing ESPRIT
Leping Liu Tianjin University of Finance and Economics 统计学、数据科学与人工智能——基于量化历史的比较分析
Yang Jiao Guizhou University of Finance and Economics Community detection in directed networks based on co-clustering and node similarity
Haiming Lin Guangzhou Huashang College 因子分析的唯一解与解的显著性检验
Contribution Session CS049:Bayesian and machine learning
Chair: Ziqi Chen (East China Normal University)
Yaohua Rong Beijing University of Technology Kernel Cox partially linear regression: building predictive models for cancer patients' survival
Yang Yang Nankai University Bayesian Optimization with Pareto-Principled Training for Economical Hyperparameter Optimization
Xiangbin Meng Northeast Normal University A Unified EM Framework for Estimation and Inference of Normal Ogive Item Response Models
Zhouping Li Lanzhou University A spatial-temporal graph neural network model for multi-site temperature forecasting
Ziqi Chen East China Normal University Enhancing Missing Data Imputation through Combined Bipartite Graph and Complete Directed Graph
Contribution Session CS050:Mathematical statistics and industrial statistics
Chair: Mingxuan Cai (City University of Hong Kong)
Mingxuan Cai City University of Hong Kong Leveraging Cross-population Fine-mapping to Strengthen cis-Mendelian Randomization
Xiaojian Xu  Brock University Planning for Efficient Accelerated Life Testing Experiments
Kaiqiong Zhao York University Addressing dispersion in mis-measured multivariate binomial outcomes: a novel statistical approach for detecting differentially methylated regions in bisulfite sequencing data
Jianbin Tan Duke university Graphical Principal Component Analysis of Multivariate Functional Time Series
Siying Guo Wayne State University Decision Support System of Juvenile Hacking Classification
Contribution Session CS051:Quantile regression and dimension reduction
Chair: Lilun Du (City University of Hong Kong)
Jiankang Xiong Chinese Academy of Science 基于Transformer的单细胞转录组学与蛋白质组学数据新型整合方法
Jiangshan Yang City University of Hong Kong Heterogeneous Predictability on Mutual Fund Alphas: A Sparse Clustering GMM Approach
Wan Zhang UNC Chapel Hill Regularizing BELIEF for Smooth Dependency
Dongming Huang National University of Singapore Sliced Inverse Regression with Large Structural Dimensions
Zhe Jiang Kunming University Of Science And Technology A Likelihood Function Perspective on Quantile Regression Model
Contribution Session CS052:Statistical models and methods in economics and finance
Chair: Haiqing Chen (Nanjing University Of Finance and Economics)
Haiqing Chen Nanjing University Of Finance and Economics 基于TransformerWGAN的收益率与金融风险预测模型
Ruohua Yan  Beijing children's hospital An algorithm to assess importance of predictors in systematic review of prediction models: a case study with simulations
Siliang Zhang East China Normal University Ising Network Analysis with Missing Data
Haili Zhang Shenzhen Polytechnic University Least Squares Model Averaging for Distributed Data
Chengxiu Ling Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Spatiotemporal Joint Analysis of PM2.5 and Ozone in California with INLA Approach